The key points of the introduction

Reading sample from page 28

In your abstract, you already defined the three key points of the introduction: the Background, the Research Question, and the Experimental Approach. The background is placed at the beginning of the introduction. The question of a hypothesis-testing paper and the objective of a descriptive paper are positioned at the end of your introduction, along with the experimental approach.

Then, to outline the introduction, you build an argumentative line between the background at the beginning and the research question at the end of the introduction. To make sure that the introduction follows a straight path of argumentation, you should make sure it meets the following requirements.

A well-prepared scientific introduction is required to meet three objectives:

  • The introduction should provoke readers‘ interest (General topic, page 29).
  • The introduction should provide the basis for further understanding (Known, page 29).
  • The introduction should purposefully lead the reader to the research question of a hypothesis-testing paper, to the message of a descriptive paper, or to the features of a new method (UnknownQuestion, page 30).

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