Writing a biomedical research paper (book trailer)

Book trailer: The Paper Protocol: Systematic Instructions for Writing a Biomedical Research Paper

If you’re a scientist doing experimental and clinical research, you likely enjoy working in a laboratory and doing research.

But do you also like writing, and do you publish frequently? If not, The Paper Protocol might help, as it structures the writing process into four defined phases and describes each task required to write sophisticated life science publications.

At the end of each of its chapters, The Paper Protocol summarizes all details in simple work instructions that are easy to follow, helping you create a manuscript that convinces both the journal’s reviewers and your readers.

The Paper Protocol – written in global English, making its content more easily understood by non-native speakers.

Now available in online bookstores:

ISBN Paperback: 978-3-347-53987-7
ISBN Hardcover: 978-3-347-53989-1
ISBN e-Book: 978-3-347-53995-2

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